Utilize Indigenous principles and values for system change that benefits the entire community

increase organizations’ value to their team members, constituents and clients, neighborhood, and the natural world around them

advance the professional careers and vocational aspirations of Indigenous and Black change agents

Headwater People exists to...

Training on developing concepts, strategies, and practical tools for dealing with systematic problems of race and complex social systems. 

system transformation training


We offer group facilitation for organizational meetings, retreats and strategy sessions. As well as experiential learning on a variety of topics.

meeting facilitation


Consulting on the historical and current relevance of the geographic place and traditional homelands of your organization.

place-based development & design consulting

A systematic method for collecting, analyzing, and using information to help evaluate your organizations' project, policies, and programs.

program evaluation


Define your organizations' goals and create a blueprint for your future so that they align with your mission.

strategic planning


Make the reshaping of your organization a smooth process for all teams and individuals that are involved.

change management consulting


We partner with organizations to produce a more equitable and flourishing future and expand capacities for belonging and wellness. We offer a range of change management services.

What We Do.

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• those who use your services or goods to have increased wellness because of you
• those you employ to have increased wellness because of you
• your community has increased wellness because of you
• the land and environment to have increased wellness because of you

We are a good fit if your organization wants

We partner with organizations and institutions to develop reciprocal relationships with Tribes and minority ethnic communities, we support the design of strategic planning for nonprofits doing community-centered work, and we work with large institutions to connect espoused values of equity to changing the lived-experience of impacted people, and define what operationalizing those changing looks like.

Who We've Worked With. 

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Change is inevitable. We make it intentional. We are a Native-owned business that started from community organizing and coalition building. You can't predict the future, but our expertise in the art and principles or organizational design will prepare you for a more effective path and increase your capacity to navigate through change, however unpredictable. We work with clients to create custom processes for creating new options to bridge the gap from where they are and where they want to be. 

Who We Are.

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Change Is Inevitable. We Make It Intentional.

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